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Premiering April 27th: "Carmina Burana"

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the prism of art

Sarabande’s goal is to recreate the full panoply of human experience, refracted through the prism of art. Our humanity is multilayered, infinite, inexhaustible. Both transcendent and depraved, it is simultaneously the most exquisite thing in the universe and the most depraved. But through art we embrace it fully, joyously, and often with a shock of recognition. Art alone can deliver us to the harrowing depths of our humanity, where mermaids sport and hagfish lurk. Immersed in art, we are always out of our depth. We drown. We are resurrected. Remade by art, we regard ourselves, and others, with a steady, compassionate eye.

Is this too lofty a goal for virtual theater? I don’t know. Perhaps. But it will be a long time before I concede the point. Meanwhile, with each new production Sarabande will strive toward this goal, and we invite you to join us.

Steve Ruhig-AllenArtistic Director

Theater INFO

Sarabande is the continuation of River Island Performing Arts (RIPA) and offers a widely-diverse selection of artistic expression, including musicals, drama, contemporary dance, and ballet theater.

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